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Love me some of that Sleeping Beauty concept art. 

I have to say I’m a big fan of concept art generally, I’m a huge Disney fan obviously, I think there’s a little one trapped in most people. But now it’s not the weddings and princesses I admire, but the artistic beauty and depth, especially of the classics. But concept art, I first encountered it at a Pixar exhibition in Melbourne, Ratatouille concept art, and I must admit I thought that was beautiful, that’s before I discovered Eyvind Earle (can’t pronounce it either). It’s not secret for Disney fans that he was given immense control over the ‘look’ of Sleeping Beauty (1959) by Walt himself. His influences and style are seen almost unaltered in the final film. His vision really shaped the unconventional look of the final film, which was quite dark, with greys, greens and purples winning over the more popular childish palette of Cinderella and Peter Pan. Possibly this overall ‘darkness’ contributed to it’s poor box-office performance, sadface. 

Marc Davis was the head animator, responsible for Maleficent (such win). I have nothing to say about Angela Jolie. He also gave Briar Rose her unique look, even if in personality she was a bit flat, I’ll forgive her cause she’s so cute.

Point is, be appreciating this art, it’s good shit, I wish I had it in my house.

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    Good to see more people that appreciate the art behind Sleeping Beauty.
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